The God files

by Marcus Loane

Why do people believe in gods?

Is religiosity genetic?

The brainwashing of children

Evolution of religions

Godless morality

Why there are no gods

The gods that can and can't exist

The love thing

Faith - the most dangerous idea ever devised


Christianity and its rivals

Personal introduction

For those of faith: The competition

A disproof of Protestant evangelical Christianity - by a 9 yr old

Even shorter disproof of Christianity

The Christ scapegoat

Christianity in brief - did it have a Designer?

More on Christianity - what is wrong with it

Christian dogma mountain - observations on Christians

God's plan

Creationism and evolution


Links to other sites

The Secular Web library - many essays on religion, faith, science and reason

The Gods by Robert G. Ingersoll (1872)

Neurotheology - religious experience explained by brain function

What it felt like to be an atheist in 19th century England- by Robert G. Ingersoll

Personal stories from ex-christians

More Deconversion stories

How the Jesus stories may have evolved by Dan Barker

Losing faith in faith: from preacher to atheist by Dan Barker (1992)

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