Books to read

Marcus Loane


Our Mathematical Universe: My Quest for the Ultimate Nature of Reality by Max Tegmark – This book addresses a lot of the big questions and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

The elegant universe - Brian Greene. Great explanation of extra dimensions and string theory.

The fabric of the cosmos - Brian Greene. This author is great at explaining concepts with the use of metaphor and is much easier to read than Hawking.

The hidden reality - Brian Greene

A universe from nothing – Lawrence Krauss. How a universe comes from empty space and even how space comes from no space.

The fabric of reality – David Deutsch

The beginning of infinity – David Deutsch

In search of the multiverse – John Gribbin

From eternity to here – Sean Carroll (A theory of time)

The end of time – Julian Barbour (A theory of time)

QED - Richard P. Feynman (quantum physics for non-physicists)

The grand design – Stephen Hawking



The blind watch-maker - Richard Dawkins (evolution)

Darwin's dangerous idea - Daniel Dennett (biological, cultural and other types of evolution)

Everything by Richard Dawkins (evolution/science)

Without miracles - Gary Cziko (explains a lot about the human condition with one overarching scientific theory)


Science of consciousness, neuroscience

The brain that changes itself – Norman Doidge (How surprisingly adaptable our brains can be)

The crucible of consciousness – Zoltan Torey (How consciousness could work and how it could have evolved, without evoking souls)

Consciousness explained - Daniel Dennett (How consciousness could work – read the evolution books first)

The Mind’s I – Douglas R. Hofstadter and Daniel C. Dennett (reflections on consciousness and the self)

Freedom evolves – Daniel Dennett (free will explained. yes really!)

Everything by Daniel Dennett (philosophy/science of mind)

The man who mistook his wife for a hat – Oliver Sacks (what we can learn from abnormal brains)


Science vs magical thinking

The demon-haunted world - Carl Sagan (religion/science - a critical thinker's bible)

The end of faith – Sam Harris (the dangers of religion)

The God delusion – Richard Dawkins (title says is all)

Minds and Gods – Todd Tremlin (why the god idea fits our evolved minds)



Think – Simon Blackburn (excellent introduction to philosophy)

The nature of knowledge - Henry Plotkin (philosophy/science of knowledge)

Consilience - Edward O. Wilson (science/philosophy)



Permutation city – Greg Egan. This is mind expanding science fiction which physicists
 and computer scientists and anyone interested in the nature of consciousness should enjoy.

Stop thinking start living – Richard Carlson (if you are gloomy, this is the cure)

Don’t sweat the small stuff – Richard Carlson (how to remain calm in a busy world)

Any of the “Don’t sweat” series by Richard Carlson

Unweaving the rainbow - Richard Dawkins (science and poetry collide - for you literary types)


You can search for these books, read the reviews and buy them from (UK) or (US) or most other book selling web sites. Some are available for Kindle and iPad (iBooks).


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